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Gay man arrested for buying baby from traffickers in China

Gay man arrested for buying baby from traffickers in China

Police in China has arrested a gay man and seven other people for crimes related to child trafficking, saving three baby boys, according to local media.

The gay man, identified only by his surname Huang, works and lives in Guangdong province. He came under police radar after signs surfaced that he had purchased a baby boy, reports the Yangcheng Evening News.

However, the authorities were initially unable to find any of trace the boy, for neighbors said the only person that Huang lived with was a man.

The boy was eventually discovered in the adjacent Fujian province at Huang’s family home, where his parents had bought a sea of baby clothes.

The older Huangs had thought it was the child of their son, with their daughter-in-law, who never quite existed.

But Huang was only a customer of a criminal family of three, which traded babies on an online forum while pretending to be simply looking for ‘adoptive parents’. They were caught in Feburary with an unsold boy.

Buying low and selling high, the 30-year-old ringleader surnamed Lai is said to have bought an infant from an unmarried young mother for as little as RMB10,000 ($1610, €1160); one kid was sold to an infertile couple for up to RMB50,000.

That the couple chose to buy a baby illegally instead of going through official adoption is reflective of how difficult the entire process is, even for heterosexual individuals.

While a gay or lesbian, as an individual adult aged over 30 with financial capability, can legally adopt a child in China, they can be easily rejected by the authorities on moral grounds.

Unofficially adopted children cannot be registered under any household, thus denying them most basic rights.

This week, a lesbian couple had to seek help from the Jiang Nan City Daily after their three-year-old kid was barred from school.