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Gay man attacked and left for dead in Buenos Aires

Gay man attacked and left for dead in Buenos Aires

A gay man was brutally attacked after a night out in Buenos Aires, it was reported today (10 June).

Ariel Olivera, 26, was dancing until Sunday morning in the south-eastern artistic neighborhood of La Boca.

When he was walking home, two men began shouting homophobic slurs at him.

‘Kill them! Kill the faggots! Kill them!’ the men shouted, and began beating and kicking him.

As Olivera lay there, bloody and beaten, he was forced to get up twice before he was beaten to the ground again.

After being knocked unconscious, he woke up to discover he was left in an alleyway. At dawn, he went to the police station to make a statement.

‘People have yelled stuff at me before on the street, but never to this extreme,’ he said in his testimony to Infojus.

‘I can now say that I was reborn.’

The authorities listed the attack as an ‘assault and theft’, even though the thugs did not steal anything from Olivera.

César Cigliutti, president of the Comunidad Homosexual Argentina, said: ‘What happened was serious.

‘The important thing is to contextualize these matters. This is typical of the homophobia that the gay community is suffering from, and not just some people on the street, but also the police.’

He said attacks like this is the reason why Argentina’s Senate must amend the Anti-Discrimination Act so criminals can be punished for homophobic hate crimes.