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Gay man behind 'Twinks 4 Trump' given White House press accreditation

Sadly, this is not FAKE NEWS

Gay man behind 'Twinks 4 Trump' given White House press accreditation
Lucian Wintrich (right) given White House press accreditation

The gay man behind the ‘Twinks 4 Trump’ campaign was given White House press accreditation this week.

As more mainstream respected publications like CNN and New York Times are being referred to as ‘fake news’, an unlikely source is now in the press pool following President Donald Trump.

Lucian Baxter Wintrich IV, who doesn’t even consider himself a journalist, will be reporting for right-wing clickbait blog Gateway Pundit.

Gateway Pundit founder Jim Host announced the blog had been approved for credentials in January, and he and Wintrich tweeted out pictures of them at the White House on Monday.

Hellllllo DC 🇺🇸🐸

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Wintrich is best known for the Twinks 4 Trump photography series, revealed in the summer of last year. It showed skinny male models posing with Make America Great Again hats and very little else. He often refers to Trump as ‘daddy’ and is a frequent user of the racist ring-wing meme Pepe the Frog.

They are captioned on Instagram with quotes like ‘Don’t tell me it doesn’t work – torture works… Waterboarding is fine, but it’s not nearly tough enough, ok? – Donald Trump.’

“Israel is safe with this one.” – Donald #Trump #Twinks4Trump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 😘🐘

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It is an important to note there is a distinction between the Twinks4Trump photo series by Wintrich, and the parody Twitter account run by gay liberal Cody Permenter.

Wintrich hoped by combining stereotypes of a ‘gay twink’ with the hats, he told NBC OUT, he hoped to make people think a little differently about the face of the Republican party.

However, the models were paid and they reportedly were not Republican supporters.

Wintrich has also claimed he doesn’t ‘need’ Trump to do any more to improve LGBTI rights in the United States.

‘What else do we need? We have marriage equality.’

‘What else do we need? We have marriage equality. What we don’t need are Syrian refugees. Nobody wants any more Orlandos happening,’ he told Vice.

‘Is Roe v Wade interracial marriage? I think that’s Roe v Wade. In the same way as Roe v Wade, it’s completely in line with the Constitution.’

The shooter at Pulse, who killed 49 people and injured 53, was born in New York. He was not born in or had any ties in Syria.

We’re bringing back the Rat Pack 😘🐀 pic from #DaddyWillSaveUs

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Wintrich recently posted a picture from a party with Yiannopolous and Martin Skhreli, the former executive who tried to hike the price of a HIV drug by 5,000%.

‘We’re bringing back the rat pack,’ he said. ‘#DaddyWillSaveUs.’

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