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Gay man brutally beaten in Dallas, the latest of 12 known attacks

Gay man brutally beaten in Dallas, the latest of 12 known attacks

A 25-year-old man has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit with a fractured skull after being brutally attacked late Thursday.

The attack is said to be at least the 12th violent attack on a gay man in Dallas’ ‘gayborhood’ of Oak Lawn since Sept 20, according to media reports.

The Dallas Voice said it knows of at least three other attacks that have taken which may not have been reported to police.

Geoffrey Hubbard, who works as a server at the Cedar Springs Tap House in Oak Lawn, was accosted while walking to his friend’s house after work just after 11pm.

He told Dallas TV station WFAA that as he was trying to walk around a man he was hit with an unknown object. The man then went through his pockets and robbed him.

Hubbard hid underneath a vehicle until he was found by an off-duty police officer who was driving through the area.

He reportedly wrote in a Facebook post, ‘I could see the calculated robbery start to initiate. Luckily I was able to crawl under a car with my squirrelly self and prevent them from taking anything.’

Dallas police still do not have a suspect in the string of cases and only one of the incidents is being treated as an anti-gay hate crime.

Many of the victims are said to be employees of gay bars leaving work late at night.

LGBTI activists have planned a second rally outside the Dallas Police Department headquarters Sunday to protest their lack of response.