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Gay man escapes being stoned to death by mob in Jamaica

Gay man escapes being stoned to death by mob in Jamaica

A gay man narrowly escaped being stoned to death by a mob in Jamaica on Saturday (21 September).

The young man, who has asked to not be named, was walking home after visiting a friend in St Catherine, south-east Jamaica.

Maurice Tomlinson, a gay rights activist based in Jamaica, reports at around 11pm, he was set upon and stoned by a mob of men shouting ‘Kill the battyman.’

It was also believed they yelled ‘ketch di battyboy’ [catch the faggot], ‘hol him no mek him get way’ [hold him and don’t let him escape.’

He said: ‘The athletic young man ran for his life but not before three stones slammed into his back. Despite this he managed to escape.

‘He is understandably fearful of reporting the incident to the police because he feels he will be ridiculed and further victimized. I understand this fear.’

Last year, a similar incident occurred when a gay man was attacked by a man who hurled stones and homophobic slurs at him.

When he went to the police, it is alleged they ridiculed him and said he had not suffered an attack as it was just a ‘mere stone-throwing’.

Reports of anti-gay mob attacks are on the rise in Jamaica, with Tomlinson believing the violence is being stirred up by anti-gay pastors angry at moves to fid the island of its sodomy law.

In August alone, it has seen attacks on people in their own homes, in private cars and even an assault on a police officer suspected of being gay who had to be saved by fellow cops using teargas.