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Gay man found guilty for tricking men into sex by pretending to be a woman

Gay man found guilty for tricking men into sex by pretending to be a woman

Duarte Xavier, who tricked men into sex

A gay man has been found guilty of tricking several heterosexual men into sex by pretending to be a woman called Ana.

Duarte Xavier, from Wandsworth, London, found men looking for sex on Craiglist and Tinder.

They were told to wear a blindfold before meeting Duarte and were not allowed to touch him.

The first victim was a 45-year-old man, who visited Xavier’s flat to meet up with ‘Ana’ in February 2016. He agreed to cover his eyes in the bedroom.

The men did not give their consent

However, while they were having sex, the victim removed his blindfold to see Xavier. He left the flat and received a text from Xavier, saying: ‘I got a mental health problem, sorry,’ Kingston Crown Court was told.

One 26-year-old victim entered Xavier’s home, which was in complete darkness, before being told to close the door and come upstairs. Xavier then grabbed him and pulled his trousers down.

What is believed to be a pillowcase was put over his head. The victim asked to confirm ‘Ana’ was female, to which Xavier said ‘no’.

The defendant was convicted of six counts of causing a male aged 13 or over to engage in penetrative sexual activity.

London police Scotland Yard said they are ‘aware’ there may be other victims who feel too ashamed to come forward.

Wandsworth police officer Lucy Marsh said: ‘The crimes Xavier committed are unique in their depravity.

A sexual predator

‘All of the victims had no reason to believe that they were not engaging with a woman and all have stated unequivocally that they would never have given their consent to sexual relations with another man.

‘Xavier has demonstrated extreme manipulation and cunning in order to satisfy his own sexual gratification, setting bizarre conditions that the victims adhered to in the belief that they were part of the experience.

‘He is a sexual predator and I hope the victims, all of whom were traumatized by their experiences, will now feel that they have achieved some justice.’

Xavier will be sentenced on 9 November.

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