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Gay man in Ghana saved from mob beating by passing soldier

Gay man in Ghana saved from mob beating by passing soldier

A young Ghanaian man has been rescued by an unlikely savior after he was lured into a park and beaten for being gay.

According to a report by, Abdul Kadiri Mutawakil was invited to watch a football game by a friend in Kawukudi park near the town of Nima in the capital Accra on Sunday.

However when he got to the park he was ambushed by a mob of youths who began to beat him up, demanding that he confirm whether the rumors about his sexuality were true.

Mutawaki reportedly admitted his same-sex attraction and told his attackers that it was not something he chose or could have any control over. However this only angered the mob further and they began to beat him more severely.

At this point a passing soldier noticed the crowd beating Mutawaki and decided see what was happening.

He reportedly decided to get involved after he discovered that Mutawaki was being attacked solely for being gay and not for anything he had done to or with another person.

The soldier, who’s name has been withheld in the Ghanaian press, stepped in and stopped the mob and prevented the situation for escalating further.

The attack on Mutawaki comes only a few months after another attack on a gay man in Nima district.

That victim was beaten up and whipped before being forced to admit his sexual orientation on video camera.

Consensual homosexual acts are punishable with up to three years in prison under Ghanaian law – thought the offense is only considered a misdemeanour.