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Gay man says kidney failure worsened by discrimination at LA hotel

Gay man says kidney failure worsened by discrimination at LA hotel

Angel de Los Santos, a gay man accusing the Ritz Carlton in LA of discrimination

A gay man is suing the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Los Angeles for alleged discrimination, which he says worsened pre-existing health conditions.

Angel De Los Santos was staying at the hotel with a friend in July 2017. He filed a civil suit at the Los Angeles Superior Court against the hotel.

According to Santos’ lawsuit, a female employee approached him and his friend while they were out by the pool. She allegedly made comments about their appearance, saying things like ‘you don’t belong here’ and ‘you couldn’t afford a room at the Ritz-Carlton’.

He claimed she then accused them of entering and staying on the premises of the hotel illegally.

While the hotel eventually confirmed Santos and his friend were guests, Santos said in his lawsuit the damage was already done.

He said the comments humiliated him and the experience exacerbated his pre-existing health conditions. His medical needs include weekly dialysis for kidney failure and treatment for high blood pressure.

The lawsuit claims the Ritz-Carlton violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act and intentionally inflicted emotional distress, as well as neglected the supervision of their employees.

Last year, Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones accused the hotel of racial discrimination.

H/t: NBC Los Angeles

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