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WATCH: Gay man live streams Disney World marriage proposal to Facebook

Gregory Gaige and Craig Moss say they share an obsession with all things Disney-related

WATCH: Gay man live streams Disney World marriage proposal to Facebook
Courtesy Gregory Gaige
Craig Moss and Gregory Gaige at Disney World in Florida

It takes a brave soul to stream their marriage proposal to their partner as a Facebook Live video.

What if the person being asked said ‘no’?

Fortunately, a gay couple enjoyed a happy ending in the magical kingdom of Walt Disney World at the end of January.

Gregory Gaige streamed his proposal at ‘the happiest place on earth’ direct to his Facebook on 31 January. On the weekend, he also posted the video to YouTube.

Gaige was visiting the Orlando, Florida resort 31 January with partner Craig Moss when he got down on one knee.

Gaige works in private healthcare but previously worked as a ‘cast member’ at London’s flagship Disney Store in London for two years. He says Moss is ‘as obsessed with Disney as I am.’

Moss at first thinks that Gaige just wants him to stand in a certain spot to pose for a photo. But that’s when his boyfriend drops to his knee. When the crowd around them realize what’s going on, they break into applause.

The couple live in Enfield, London, and have been together around 18 months.

Gaige told GSN: ‘We’ll probably aim for a wedding in Spring/Summer 2018 and we’ll definitely be honeymooning in Disney World Florida. We’ve just joined the Disney Vacation Club so we’ll be spending a lot more time there now!’

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