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Gay man not ‘manly’ enough for gym membership

Gay man not ‘manly’ enough for gym membership

A cross-dressing gender fluid gay man has said he lost his gym membership because he is not ‘manly’ enough.

Keegan Burnett, from Slidell, Louisiana, claims he was harassed when he attempted to use the male locker room at the local athletic club.

‘I’ve been this way all my life,’ he said. ‘I should be able to use the men’s facilities because I am legally a man.’

He added: ‘I guess I don’t meet the standard of masculinity and they figured that I probably can just go anywhere and use the bathroom but not at their facility.’

Burnett was allegedly stopped from using either the men’s or women’s locker rooms.

He said the one time he went to the men’s locker room, he was met with verbal and physical violence.

But when he went to Slidell Athletic Club’s management, Burnett claims they sided with his harassers.

And then, he lost his membership.

Sarah Jane Brady, the executive director of Forum For Equality, told WGNO: ‘I think what’s most upsetting is when you have a situation where someone is harassed by individuals and the organization or a company decides to take the side of the people who are doing the harassment.’

‘There should be no way shape or form where someone should be asked to leave a health club or theater or a library or anywhere, restaurant because who they are; or who they’re perceived to be.’

In a statement Slidell Athletic Club manager Tina Clair said: ‘We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

‘We wanted Keegan to stay a member, but he felt uncomfortable. We cancelled his membership per his request and issued a refund.’

Clair claims Burnett wanted to use the women’s locker room, which he was stopped from doing. He denies this.

‘You have people come in here with purple hair, blue hair, green hair, piercing and tattoos all over. You don’t tell these people anything,’ Burnett said.

‘I want to let them know that it’s not right. This is 2014; everybody have a right to be who they are.’