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Gay man stabbed 21 times in Philippines

Victim was attacked after inviting three strangers into his home for a drinking session

Gay man stabbed 21 times in Philippines

A gay Filipino man was stabbed 21 times inside his home in Tacloban City on Wednesday night (20 June).

Diego Balintong Jr, 24, was stabbed after he was approached by three men who said they were looking for a drinking session, according to reports from the police.

Balintong’s family, who live next door, immediately notified authorities when they heard his cries for help.

The victim, who works as a government employee, is in a critical condition at hospital but doctors believe he will survive the attack.

Relatives were shocked by the incident, describing the victim as a ‘warm and friendly’ person.

Suspects Klayde Paclibare, 22, and a minor given anonymity were arrested by the police and will face charges of frustrated murder, suggesting it was an unplanned and unpremeditated event.

The other suspect who authorities believe was the ringleader, 20-year-old Jonas Mendoza, is yet to be caught.

Leyte Gay Association’s spokesman Ernie Amascual warned the public to not invite strangers into their homes.

Although homosexuality is not illegal in the Philippines, the LGBT community is not protected under any civil rights laws.

LGBT advocacy political party Ang Ladlad has signed a petition against an anti-gay Catholic group’s election bid after claiming homosexuals are part of a ‘culture of death’.

In a statement signed by more than 15 Filipino activists, Ladlad said: ‘LGBTs do not, in any way, promote death or the destruction of the family.

‘We celebrate life and love. We are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. We are evidently also functional members of society.’ 

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