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Gay man to appeal adoption ban of his biological son in Singapore

Gay man to appeal adoption ban of his biological son in Singapore

A gay doctor who had his bid to adopt his biological son born through surrogate in his native Singapore denied will appeal the court’s decision.

The four-year-old child was born via a surrogate in the United States. The doctor and his partner of 13 years wanted to officially adopt their son in their home country.

But the Ministry of Social and Family Development denied their application in December last year.

His application was denied because the Ministry said he conceived the child under circumstances which would not be legal in Singapore.

But the man wanted to pursue the adoption route so he could ‘legitimise his relationship with the child’.

Lawyers for the man said he lodged an appeal to the decision.

‘Our client has filed an appeal against the decision,’ lawyers Ivan Cheong told Channel News Asia.

A date for the hearing has not been set, but the case will be heard by the Family Division of the High Court.

LGBTI rights in Singapore

Homosexual relations are illegal in Singapore, which also does not same-sex marriage or relationships.

Same-sex couples are not allowed to adopt children in Singapore, but individuals are allowed to.

In March last year a local lawyer created the ‘Legal Guidebook for LGBT Couples & Families in Singapore’ to help same-sex couples understand their legal rights.

Lawyer Indulekshmi Rajeswari made the guidebook to help her LGBTI friends.

‘I knew my friends were asking me because they did not know other LGBT-friendly lawyers,’ she said at the time.