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Gay man who married stranger on reality TV show says producers ‘humiliated’ him

Gay man who married stranger on reality TV show says producers ‘humiliated’ him

Craig Roach on Married at First Sight

A gay man who married a complete stranger on a reality television show in 2016 now claims producers deliberately set him up with his worst ‘nightmare.’

Craig Roach took to Facebook to vent about his experience on the Australian reality television show, Married At First Sight.

The premise of the show sees producers set up couples, who then marry each other after meeting for the first time.

Roach appeared on the third season of the popular reality TV show and married Andy John but now says he ‘left feeling emotionally raped.’

The relationship ended when Roach decided it all got to be too much for him and left the show.

He wrote in a newly-surfaced Facebook post from April: ‘I had complete faith in the producers and the slaughtering that I endured was inhumane and downright humiliating.’

Roach said he explicitly told the producers not to match him with a smoker or heavy drinker. But when it came to their big day, that’s exactly what he got.

He said: ‘They matched me with a chain-smoking, binge-drinking, all round party boy from hell who hadn’t been to the gym or raised his heart rate naturally in 10 years.’

Craig Roach: ‘I was stupid going on the show’

Roach details the time they spent together after meeting for the first time on their wedding day in Queenstown, New Zealand.

He said it quickly came to light that there was much more going on behind the scenes.

From a dramatic encounter with Roach’s ex and a horrible first night in bed together, Roach said he suffered ‘downright torture’

Roach also claims Andy was a paid actor. He wrote: ‘I will forever know in my heart that he was a paid actor and I was a vessel for this bullshit story.

‘[Andy] has also recently claimed he came into quite a bit of money since the show aired and he took 6 months off work to travel. I observed that he had a different relationship with the producers and crew than I did. I’m positive that I wasn’t imagining it,’ he said.

He now suffers from PTSD as a result from the show.

Roach ended his Facebook post with the reasons why he’s telling his story now. He said: ‘The reason I am telling my story isn’t to bitch and whinge. It really is just to tell the real story and actual events that took place.

‘I invested my heart and soul into the process of the show I was hoping I found the man of my dreams. Unfortunately I was matched with my worse (sic) nightmare on every level.’

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