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Gay man’s body found in San Francisco bay after week-long search

Gay man’s body found in San Francisco bay after week-long search

The body of a gay man who went missing on Halloween has finally been found recovered from the San Francisco Bay.

Grieving family members of 26-year-old Dan Ha have confirmed the Coast Guard recovered the body on Tuesday after recieving a call regarding something floating near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Officials believe the person had been dead for approximately a week.

While the face was indistinguishable, the family said the clothes, wallet and phone matched Ha’s personal belongings.

Police have yet to determine whether it was a murder or a suicide. The investigation will remain open.

‘We have no reason to believe that this was a suicide. Dan has never indicated having any intention of harming himself,’ says Joseph Ha, his brother, at a press conference.

‘Dan did not leave a note, had scheduled a doctor’s appointment the morning of his disappearance, and was scheduled to attend a work event the next day. On his desk was even a note to return a shirt he had recently purchased.’

Since Ha disappeared on Halloween around 8pm near 4th and Brannan Streets, family and friends launched a Find Dan Ha website and Facebook group.

Ha, a iOS developer, is described by many as having a ‘beautiful mind’.

He graduated from Stanford University in 2010, where he was also co-President of the senior class.

A memorial will be held on 14 November at St Matthew’s Lutheran Church.

Anyone with information about Ha may contact the San Francisco Police Department at 415-558-5508. The case number is 140 937 521.