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Gay marriage brought the flood, says US pastor

Alabama pastor supports Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy's homophobic remarks, and suggests gay activists are 'heterophobic'

Gay marriage brought the flood, says US pastor

If society legalizes gay marriage then it will only lead to another flood that wiped out society like in the tale of Noah’s ark, according to a right-wing US pastor.

Aaron Fruh, a pastor at Knollwood Church in Mobile, Alabama, spoke out against marriage equality on American Family Radio.

In audio acquired by Right Wing Watch, he challenged listeners to ‘find any society in human history that ever tried that experiment and lived to tell about it, they’ve all been destroyed.’

He said: ‘In Jewish theology, they say that is why God brought the flood because civilization was destroying itself. There would be no procreation, there would be no more husbands and wives having children and furthering society.’

Despite there being little to no evidence Noah’s ark existed, or a flood capable of wiping out humanity, or society beginning again from a single family, several religious groups still cling to the tale.

Some theologians believe the story is likely just a parable about regeneration and hope, or a story that shares themes with the coming of Jesus.

In the past Fruh has also accused the gay community of discriminating against people who dislike gays and gay marriage.

He said: ‘I want to say to the gay community, why are you so heterophobic?

‘Why are you discriminating against the unborn children who will never see the light of day if you revise the historical, moral and legal view of traditional marriage?

‘Why are you so condemning of me because I’m a married man to a woman of the opposite sex? To me that’s the height of bigotry.’

Like former Republican candidate Rick Santorum, Fruh also defended Chick-Fil-A President Dan Cathy’s homophobic remarks.

Fruh added: ‘As Dan Cathy said, we’re shaking our fist in the face of God.’

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