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Gay marriage law will be coming to the Jersey states

Gay rights campaigners 'see no reason' it won't be passed

Gay marriage law will be coming to the Jersey states
All gay couples can now convert their civil partnerships into marriage

A same-sex marriage will be coming to Jersey states after being approved by the island’s government.

The self-governing British crown-controlled islands off the coast of France will vote on the draft legislation by January 2017.


England, Wales and Scotland already allow same-sex couples to marry, while there are currently no plans for it in Northern Ireland.

The legislation will put forward two types of marriage, civil and religious, as well as retaining civil partnerships alongside other changes to the marriage law.

If legalized, religious groups will be able to opt out of blessing same-sex marriages.

Christian May, chairman of equal rights campaign group Liberate, told the BBC: ‘We’re not trying to erode marriage in any way, we’re trying to bolster it by offering it to all people who are in love.’

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