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Gay in May: The prides and parties you’ll want to know about

Gay in May: The prides and parties you’ll want to know about

It’s happening. Summer is coming.

We know what that means: Gay Pride season takes over the northern hemisphere with parties, marches and events.

This month we’re reminded being out and proud is more important than ever.

International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) celebrated on 17 May, has grown to a globally recognized event where some LGBTI communities celebrate their freedoms, while others meet in secret to continue fighting for basic rights.

In May we also have some of the world’s biggest charity parties that raise funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS. From Dallas, Texas to Vienna, Austria, we are reminded how far we’ve come in saving lives, but the war isn’t over yet.

From Mexico to Britain, we also see LGBTI communities and allies rally to the streets in a flurry of rainbows and smiles to celebrate Gay Pride marches.

No matter what corner of the globe you’re in, mark your calendar for the following LGBTI events taking part in May. Even if you can’t make it, there’s bound to be some amazing social media footage. Keep an eye out!

Blatino Oasis

Where: Palm Springs, California
When: 2 to 4 May
What: Not a pride, but rather a ‘retreat’ for gay men of color and those who love them. Set in the backdrop of Palm Springs, historically a gay-friendly desert oasis in sunny California, Blatino Oasis this year features performances by rappers Trina and Fly Young Red, alongside pool parties and night events.
How much: VIP passes are sold out, weekend passes are available at the event.

São Paulo Gay Pride

Where: São Paulo, Brazil
When: 4 May
What: The Parada do Orgulho Gay GLBT de São Paulo is one of Latin America’s biggest LGBTI pride festivals. In 2006, participants helped the march get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s biggest Gay Pride celebration at the time with 2.5 million people. The party doesn’t stop on the 4th, with the month filled by an LGBTI program of concerts and events.
How much: Attending the pride parade is free of charge.

Pink Week

Where: Ljubljana and other cities in Slovenia
When: 4 to 11 May
What: The most progressive country of the former Yugoslavia welcome’s the world’s LGBTI community for a week of beautiful landscapes and booming parties, split across two cities. For the first half of Pink Week, guests get to pick from a variety of packages ranging from an eco-stay, thermal spa Green Heart Package to a Royalty Package where you stay in the only Slovenian castle on an island. The second half of Pink Week, all guests come together for a city break in the capital of Ljubljana that includes a Black and White dinner party and a Eurovision viewing fest on 10 May.
How much: Tour packages start from €499 (£410 or $692).

Purple Party

Where: Dallas, Texas
When: 9 to 12 May
What: Texans paint the town purple during the Purple Party circuit weekend. From the opening party to the Bear Party to the Pool Party, all profits from the Purple weekend go to an HIV and AIDS charity.
How much: Party prices start at $5 (€4), while a weekend pass to all six events runs at $160 (€115). Visit the Purple Foundation website to book your tickets.

Photo via: Purple Foundation – Dallas Purple Party/ ©2014 Chris Huffstutler


Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
When: 6 to 10 May
What: While the semi and final shows will be held this year in Copenhagen, the entire European Union comes together this month to cheer on singing contestants from their respective countries for the famed Eurovision contest. Specifically on Copenhagen, the festivities kick off days before the final judging, where the entire city is overcome with Eurovision mania, from public areas being converted into the Eurovicious Pride Square to same-sex marriages taking place during the final show.
How much: Tickets to the Eurovision shows in Copenhagen are available via the Eurovision website.

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)

Where: Around the world
When: IDAHO is officially recognized on 17 May, but different countries are celebrating events throughout the month of May to fight LGBTI hate.
What: To celebrate LGBTI pride and to denounce all forms of sexual and gender discrimination, LGBTI groups and allies around the world take to the streets to show solidarity for IDAHO. While more progressive countries add another pride event to their annual calendar, groups in countries where LGBTI individuals are criminalized are keeping their plans a secret for security reasons.
How much: Visit the IDAHO website to learn about what events are taking place close to you.

New York AIDS Walk

Where: New York City, New York
When: 18 May
What: A walk that takes about 2.5 hours, the New York AIDS Walk has already raised $2,161,711 to date. ‘The funds raised at AIDS Walk New York 2014 support the services provided by GMHC and more than 40 other AIDS service organizations in the tri-state area.’
How much: Participants are not required to raise funds, but are encouraged to set a goal before walking.

Puerto Vallarta Pride

Where: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
When: 22 to 26 May
What: A pride by the sea, Puerto Vallarta Pride encourages: ‘Todos al mar,’ or everyone to the ocean. A full four days of fun in the sun is set to include a candlelight march to commemorate the LGBTI community, a women-only party, and the weekend kick off with a commitment ceremony, fashion show and pride by the sea.
How Much: Visit the Puerto Vallarta Pride events page for individual pricing.