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Gay men are having ‘sex roulette’ parties where one person secretly has HIV

Gay men are having ‘sex roulette’ parties where one person secretly has HIV

If you go to a sex party, (we’ve heard) the general rule is to supply lots of condoms and lube and to play as safe as possible.

But there is a report that claims not everyone is playing by these rules, and are engaging in a form of extremely risky sex.

Barcelona doctors say ‘sex roulette’ parties are taking place, usually among gay men. People turn up for the party wearing masks to have unprotected sex with the other participants. The kicker? One person is HIV positive.

Dr Josep Mallolas, of Hospital Clinic Barcelona, said: ‘The wealthy organize these sex parties for other rich people. The real kick of these people is apparently the risk that they might be the one having sex with the HIV-infected partner.’

It is believed these parties originate in Serbia, and named Serbian sex roulette, after Russian roulette.

Mallolas says these sex roulette parties show people have ‘lost respect’ for HIV, according to el Periodico, because of the availability of medicine to ensure the viral load is at an undetectable level.While Mallolas said sometimes PrEP is made available at the party, HIV charities have warned the HIV preventative pill is not a guarantee you will not contract the virus if you choose to not wear a condom.

UPDATE: We have been unable to independently verify this story. This has been reported widely in Spanish language and international news sources.