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Gay men targeted by Islamic State to brief UN council in historic meeting

Gay men targeted by Islamic State to brief UN council in historic meeting

Two gay men from Iraq and Syria will brief the United Nations Security Council on August 24 about their experience being targeted by Islamic State militants.

The head of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and others will also attend the first LGBT rights council meeting, spearheaded by US Ambassador Samantha Power and Chile’s UN Ambassador Cristian Barros Melet, who lashed the IS for its ‘barbaric treatment’ of LGBT people.

UN envoys will hear accounts from Adnan, an Iraqi who fled northern Iraq after being targeted as gay, Syrian Subhi Nahas, who was also threatened, and IGLRC director Jessica Stern.

IS has executed gay people by throwing them off high-rises and stoning them to death, then posting online visual reports of at least eight such killings.

‘This will be a historic meeting’ Power told reporters.

According to a note to council members, she and Barros ‘hope to discuss the multiple political, military, and social lines of effort needed to degrade and destroy [Islamic State].’

The meeting open to all 193 UN member states will ‘examine what kinds of protections are needed for LGBT individuals, what the international community needs to do to stop the scourge of prejudice and violence, and – related to this – how to advance equality and dignity, even in conflict zones.’

It remained unclear how many countries with anti-gay laws would attend the meeting, but Power said she expected a good turnout.