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Gay model in India wows audience with drag performance on reality TV show

Gay model in India wows audience with drag performance on reality TV show

Gay heartthrob and LGBTI flag-bearer, Sushant Divgikar, has wowed the internet with a sneak preview of his drag performance on a popular music reality TV.

A teaser shared by Divgikar shows the audience and judges going wild for his performance as drag alter ego Rani Ko-HE-Nur.

The show will air on 13 October.

‘When I went with my heart and decided to participate, I didn’t imagine that it would elicit so much love and positivity from everyone all over the world, with just this ONE promo’, Divgikar wrote on Facebook.

He said he was crying happy tears as he typed.

Mr Gay India

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is an immensely popular music reality TV show first aired in 1995. It shows on Zee TV and its current format is similar to X Factor.

Divgikar was crowned Mr Gay India in 2014. He was placed in the top ten and won a number of awards at Mr Gay World that year.

Now 28, Divgikar has spent the last few years modeling, singing, acting, and campaigning for LGBTI rights.

On Friday (5 October) he shared some words from a friend on his drag performances:

‘When you bring that powerful baritone and silky falsetto together, you are not just presenting your epic talent, and you are not just representing the Gay Community.’

‘You are talking to that little boy in small-town Hindustan, who is treated ‘differently’ by his family members, whose friends ostracize him every day with their sniggering remark’.

LGBTI Indians last month celebrated the historic decriminalization of gay sex in the country. But, activists have warned that while the courts advocated change, it make take a while for society to follow.