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‘Gay moment’ stops Malaysia release of Beauty and the Beast

‘Gay moment’ stops Malaysia release of Beauty and the Beast

Dan Stevens and Emma Watson star in the new Disney adaptation gay moment

Malaysia has delayed the release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live action remake pending an internal review.

The delay came after it was revealed the film included a ‘gay moment’ between Gaston and his man servant LeFou. The servant expresses his feelings for Gaston in a song, admiring his looks and declaring many men in town will ‘tell you whose team they prefer to be on’.

Beauty and the Beast was supposed to be released on March 16 but Walt Disney Malaysia confirmed its release has been delayed. It said it would be conducting an internal review of the film.

The film’s ‘gay moment’ has attracted international attention with Russia banning children from seeing it, after it toyed with idea of banning the film altogether.

Minister is mad about the delay

Malaysian Tourism Minister Nazri Aziz said the postponement was a ridiculous move and people should be allowed to make their own minds if they want to watch it.

‘I think it’s ridiculous. Come on. I mean it is in the storyline so you don’t do that if it’s there. You don’t ban a film because of a gay character,’ he told the Malay Mail.

‘All these years even without the gay character in the Beauty and the Beast, there are also gays in the world. I don’t think it is going to influence anyone.

‘We need to think, we must allow people to decide for themselves.’

Aziz reflected the views of many people online who said films and television in Malaysia were filled with images of violence and a gay romance should not offend people.

‘A murder scene, using the same argument can also influence a young child right but why not ban it?’ he said.

‘Thousands of film showing murder, rape, robbery scenes , it’d all against the law how come you dont ban them?’