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Gay Moroccan man attempting to leave country after arrest video leaks

Gay Moroccan man attempting to leave country after arrest video leaks

Man leaving morocco because of homophobia

A Moroccan man has said he wants to leave the country after a video of him being arrested by police and taunted by police leaked to the internet.

The video, which reportedly has millions of times, shows the man handcuffed and being escorted by police. A crowd of people surround him, filming and throwing insults.

Talking to Africa News, the man revealed what happened. He was driving down a busy street in Marrakech returning from a party. However, he was involved in an incident on the road with a scooter, where the police were then called.

At the station, the police took his photo and let him return home. The next day, the images of his arrest reportedly appeared online alongside personal documents.

A broken relationship

He told the news site: ‘When I had the accident, I was wearing an evening dress, a wig and makeup. This is why I did not get out of the car when the police arrived.’

Also, he said his relationship with his parents are ‘broken’ after they found out about his sexuality. He also claims that while he used to be able to live his life normally, people are now harassing him on the street.

He is now reportedly seeking help from the Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties so he can leave the country.

Morocco is very harsh against LGBTI people. Both male and female same-sex activity is illegal, with the punishment of six months to three years in prison.

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