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Gay MP resigns in protest as Boris Johnson looks set to become PM

Gay MP resigns in protest as Boris Johnson looks set to become PM

Alan Duncan meets the Head of the United Nations' humanitarian agency Valerie Amos | Photo: Simon Davis/Department for International Development'

Sir Alan Duncan, the first sitting Conservative MP to come out as gay, has resigned his minister post in protest.

The Foreign Office minister resigned in protest against a possible Boris Johnson victory.

Johnson is highly likely to become Britain’s next Prime Minister

Alan Duncan resigns in protest

In his resignation letter, Sir Alan described Brexit as a ‘dark cloud’.

‘The UK does so much good in the world. It is tragic that just when we could have been the dominant intellectual and political force throughout Europe, and beyond, we have had to spend every day working towards the dark cloud of Brexit.’

Sir Alan also said to Prime Minister Theresa May that she ‘deserved better’.

‘Please take lasting comfort from the knowledge that your self-esteem can, and will forever, far exceed that of your critics.’

Sir Alan also discussed his own record at the Foreign Office in the letter. He said he was ‘deeply upset that some fruitful discussions… about the possible release of Nazanin Ratcliffe were brought to such an abrupt halt.’

The minister was criticized for his handling of the case of Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian woman serving a five-year sentence in Iran for alleged spying.

Will other resignations happen if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister? 

Other resignations in the wake of Johnson or rival Jeremy Hunt becoming prime minister are expected.

Sir Alan was the first sitting Conservative MP to acknowledge he is gay in 2002.

At the time, however, this was not a surprise to those close to him.

The Daily Telegraph reported: ‘The news that Alan Duncan is gay will come as a surprise only to those who have never met him. The bantam Tory frontbencher can hardly be accused of having hidden his homosexuality’.

In 2008, he entered into a civil partnership with his partner James Dunseath. He was also the first member of the Cabinet or Shadow Cabinet to enter into a civil partnership.

Johnson’s record on LGBTI rights is considered ‘appalling’.

He was absent during several seminal pro-LGBTI measures. He also referred to gay men as ‘bum boys’.

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