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Gay news site will soon be unblocked by Tim Hortons’ Wi-Fi system

Gay news site will soon be unblocked by Tim Hortons’ Wi-Fi system

Soon customers at Tim Hortons’ coffee shops will be able to access the gay news site DailyXtra.

The Canadian coffee giant sent an email to the website apologizing for blocking it from the company’s Wi-Fi network.

‘We’re working on unblocking your site,’ Tim Hortons’ spokesperson Michelle Robichaud said in a statement, as reported by DailyXtra. ‘It never should have been blocked in the first place.’

According to the Toronto Sun, is ‘the website for the free newspaper Xtra that’s distributed in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.’

The newspaper asked to be unblocked but received a 16 July email saying the site ‘was not appropriate for all ages viewing in a public environment.’

Robichaud maintains that message was sent by the company’s third-party Wi-Fi vendor and ‘certainly does not represent [Tim Hortons’] opinion.’

The newspaper is pleased with how the situation has been handled.

‘Tim Hortons has resolved the situation properly and certainly we accept their apology,’ Brandon Matheson, Daily Xtra publisher and editor-in-chief, said.

‘Issues around third-party filtering are problematic and if that is what was responsible, then Tim Hortons’ management took the appropriate steps to correct the problem for their customers that had complained they could not access,’ Matheson continued.