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Gay NSW police officers say ‘drug’ investigation was really homophobia

Gay NSW police officers say ‘drug’ investigation was really homophobia

New South Wales police have said they are responding to the claims

Four police officers have accused the New South Wales (NSW) police force of having a culture of homophobia.

The men – three of whom still work there and one retired – have filed a report with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Specifically they are asking for access to an investigation file for a six-month drugs investigation the police force launched on its own officers.

They believe the drugs investigation follows from a general culture of ‘homophobic prejudice’ and discrimination based on their sexuality.

Prior to the investigation the men had little contact with each other and they claim the only connection between them is their sexuality.

One of the men, Christian MacDonald, told the Sydney Morning Herald he was often the target of lewd comments relating to his sexuality.

After being off work after a head injury, an officer told him he should be used to: ‘having his head downand arse up in the concrete’.

‘Common terminology and phrases used around the station are faggot, poofter, gay as aids, homo, hommus and eat a dick,’ another of the officers, Sheehy, said.

A spokesperson for NSW police responded saying they should have ‘no tolerance’ for homophobia and are responding to the claims from the affected men.