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Gay parenting columnist ‘outed’ as gay parent in UK press

Gay parenting columnist ‘outed’ as gay parent in UK press

A gay parenting columnist and soap star was ‘outed’ as a gay parent in a UK tabloid today (22 August).

Charlie Condou, known for his starring role in British soap Coronation Street, got a shock when he looked at the front page of the Daily Star.

On the cover, the headline reads ‘Corrie Star’s Shock Secret Love Children’ and ‘revealed’ how the actor had ‘secretly fathered two kids with a straight gal pal’.

Somewhat embarrassingly for the tabloid newspaper, Condou had a regular column about gay parenting for The Guardian from 2011 to 2012.

Mocking the paper, Condou tweeted: ‘Oh god, my secret is out!! great journalism @daily_star’

In one of his first articles for The Guardian, the Corrie star says he has ‘always wanted to be a dad’.

‘After I came out, that changed. I could no longer assume that it was something that would eventually just happen when the right person (or even the wrong person and a faulty condom) came along…

‘I talked to my sister, who told me: "When something is this important to you, you’ll find a way."

‘She had absolute faith that I would one day be a father and, I realised, so did I. She was right, this was too important to me not to happen.’

Condou lives with his partner Cameron Laux and is a hands-on dad for his daughter and son Georgia and Hal. The children split their time between the couple and their mother, the actress Catherine Kanter.