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Gay parents lose son in child sex scandal

Gay parents lose son in child sex scandal

A gay couple in Australia are fighting for custody of their six-year-old son after they were accused by US authorities of being part of an international paedophile ring.

Child protection authorities in Los Angeles took the child in October, while the FBI and Queensland Police investigate allegations, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

The men, from Cairns in Queensland, are currently in LA and insist they are innocent.

Queensland police confirmed they are being investigated and a report by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services says the FBI is also lookin into allegations that one of the men 'is suspected of sexually abusing [the child].'

The report claims the authorities have recovered a video showing the son 'watching a film of pornography with another child and speaking in an explicit sexual manner.'

One of the gay men, who had the boy with a surrogate Russian mother in 2005, said US officials found no signs of harm to their son and they faced no charges – but they had lost access to him, the Cairns Post reported.

The dad said they became embroiled in an international scandal after three gay men who they had contact with through social media were arrested as members of a international child porn ring.