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Gay penguin couple are ‘absolute naturals’ at fostering first baby

Gay penguin couple are ‘absolute naturals’ at fostering first baby

Sphen and Magic 'make the perfect team' according to zoo keepers (Photo: Sydney Sea Life Aquarium)

Zoo keepers have said a gay penguin couple are ‘absolute naturals’ at rearing their first foster baby.

Sphen and Magic—or Sphengic—had been waddling around the penguin enclosure at Sydney Sea Life Aquarium for months.

The inseparable pair of Gentoo penguins became ‘official’ after Sphen presented Magic with one of his favorite stones. This is apparently penguin for ‘will you marry me?’

As mating season approached, zoo keepers gave Sphengic a dummy egg to practice incubating.

’They were absolute naturals and displayed great excitement caring for their egg’ the aquarium told local media. So, keepers gave them an egg of their own from a couple who had two eggs.

‘The pair make a great team’, the spokesperson said. They take it in turns to incubate the egg and protect the nest.

Sphen, who is a little older, is apparently an expert incubator while Magic is a little younger but very enthusiastic.

Gay penguin love stories

As Sphengic warmed the internet’s frosty heart, netizens pointed out the resemblance to a Parks and Recreation episode.

Leslie, played by Amy Poehler, marries two penguins two who turn out to be gay. ‘I’m basically queen of the gays,’ she declared.

Sphengic are not the first gay penguins to delight us in recent weeks. Last month, a gay penguin couple stole a baby from ‘bad parents’ at a Denmark zoo.

The zoo intervened to return the chick to its biological parents. But, keepers gave the couple an egg of their own to hatch after witnessing their parental instincts.

Back in 1998, penguin couple Roy and Silo were a same-sex pair in New York City’s Central Park Zoo. They were spotted by staff trying to mate and hatching a rock as if it was an egg.

Zoo keepers gave them an egg from another pair of penguins, which resulted in the couple raising a female chick named Tango.

Tango then formed a same-sex relationship with another female penguin. Their story became ‘And Tango Makes Three…’ a popular children’s book.

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