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Gay penguins egg-cited to be parents

Gay penguins egg-cited to be parents

A pair of broody ‘gay’ penguins from a zoo in Madrid has finally been given an egg of their own to look after.

Inca and Rayas, from Spain’s Faunia Park, have been building a nest together for six years in the hope of one day hearing the tiny pitter patter of webbed feet.

Zookeepers took pity on the Gentoo penguins by giving them an egg to care for.

The Telegraph reports that Inca has taken on the ‘female’ role of incubating the egg, while his partner has been eating for two, ensuring he is able to take on the male role of feeding the hungry offspring on regurgitated fish.

The happy couple’s carer, Yolanda Martin, said: ‘We wanted them to have something to stay together for, so we got an egg. Otherwise they might have become depressed.’

However, she insists the penguins aren’t actually gay and are just best friends.

Last year, two male penguins were also given an egg to care for together in China.

And Toronto Zoo’s gay penguin pair Buddy and Pedro hit the headlines last December when Buddy found a female partner after being separated.