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Gay politician, 25, attacked with rocks in Brazil

Gay politician, 25, attacked with rocks in Brazil

A 25-year-old gay rights activist and politiican was assaulted in Brazil on Wednesday (24 September).

Waldir Pires Bittencourt, campaigning to be a member of the House of Representatives, was campaigning in the streets of the city of Macapá as he was hit on the side of his forehead by a stone thrown from a moving car.

‘You want to be a woman? Then you’ll get it as a woman,’ his attacker allegedly shouted.

Bittencourt posted the picture of his injury on Facebook, showing his bloody and wounded face. In the shock of the attack, he was unable to write down the car’s license plate.

But the young politician says he was not surprised by the attack, as he is openly gay and is calling for the end of LGBTI discrimination. In the past few weeks, he says he has received death threats by phone and social media. 

‘We live in a homophobic and violent country,’ the 24-year-old said on Facebook. ‘It is where people who defend individual freedoms like me may at any time suffer aggression.’

In an interview with Vice magazine, he said he was ‘not the first victim’.

‘Violence against LGBTIs in our state is typical. I was not the first nor I will be the last as long as the state does not see this as a priority,’ he said.

‘I am not going to let it intimidate me as I have no time to be afraid. I will face whatever happens, and I will continue fighting.’