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Gay politician beaten, spat on at Poland Pride

Gay politician beaten, spat on at Poland Pride

An openly gay member of parliament was brutally attacked following the Warsaw Pride parade on Saturday (15 June).

Robert Biedron, the first gay MP in the country, has said he was with friends in a Polish capital café relaxing after the march.

‘An aggressive man insulted us, using homophobic statements,’ the Palikot’s Movement MP told Polsat News.

‘He began to choke one of my friends and punched him in the face. When he recognized me, he spat in my face, raised his fists and kicked me in the stomach.’

According to Biedron, the attacker ran away but was arrested shortly afterwards.

He said: ‘This was an unpleasant incident, and it shows that there is perhaps no sense in burying one’s head in the sand.’

Despite the attack, Biedron said Warsaw Pride had been a lot less problematic than previous years.

The MP said there no signs of stones or bottles being thrown at equality marches, in contrast to previous Prides.

Several thousand people marched through the capital this year, and was deemed a success by organizers.

They are currently fighting for civil partnerships in the Central European country, and also urging for equal treatment for all Polish citizens regardless of sexuality, religion or skin color.

In a recent poll, it was found Poles overwhelmingly oppose same-sex marriage and the adoption of children by gay couples. Nearly 80% of people surveyed opposed same-sex marriage, with only 16% in favor.