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Gay principal fired for having sex with two teens wins unfair dismissal case

Gay principal fired for having sex with two teens wins unfair dismissal case

Popular gay app Grindr

A tribunal in Wales found that a 42-year-old gay principal who was fired for having sex with two 17-year-old males from Grindr wouldn’t have been fired if they were females from Tinder.

RT reported that the tribunal re-imagined the case as if headteacher Matthew Alpin met two teenage girls on Tinder instead of two males on Grindr.

The tribunal deemed the decision by school governors of Tywyn Primary, Neath Port Tabot, Wales to fire Alpin as ‘biased and homophobic.’

Currently, the age of consent in Wales in the UK is 16.

What happened?

It’s unclear how the school governors became aware of Alpin’s private affairs. But they felt his actions were unsuitable for an authority figure at a primary school.

As a result, governors at the Welsh primary school asked Alpin to resign. He did, but then issued an employment tribunal claim.

Moreover, he slammed the decision to fire him as ‘unfair dismissal’ and considered it based on ‘sexual orientation discrimination.’

Grindr vs Tinder

The Employment Appeals Tribunal considered the case. They found governors fired Alpin based on his sexual orientation, rather than his actions.

Arriving to the conclusion, the tribunal ‘constructed two hypothetical heterosexual comparators in Mr Alpin’s position.’

They compared the situation to as if two heterosexual people met two teens on Tinder, instead.

‘One being a man who had had sex with two 17-year-old females, and the other a woman how had had sex with two 17-year-old males.’

The tribunal called governors to reinstate Alpin in his previous position.

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