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Gay quintuplet who wants to marry like his brothers and sisters

Gay quintuplet Matt Hiscock is Out4Marriage because his two brothers and two sisters can marry and he can’t

Gay quintuplet who wants to marry like his brothers and sisters

A gay quintuplet has made a video urging Britain to legalize same-sex marriage saying it’s unfair his two brothers and two sisters can wed but he can’t.

It’s a new contribution to the Out4Marriage video campaign which aims to get celebrities, politicians and usual members of the public, gay and straight, to tell the world why marriage laws should be equalized.

And we love it because you can’t resist his logic.

What could possibly be fair about one child out of five – all born to the same mum and dad at the same time – not being allowed to marry while the others all can?

As he says: ‘We went to the same nursery and school, went on holidays together, ate the same food, shared the same bath, grieved together, shouted together, laughed together, cried together… were all loved by my family equally.

‘As a gay man I am currently unable to declare my love to any partner as my brothers and sisters will be able to. I’m not famous, or important just an average guy in UK trying to make sense of the inequality I see in the LGBTQ community in this country and around the world.’

You can take part in the campaign and see other people’s videos on its Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages.

Out4Marriage is backed by LGBT media including Gay Star News, PinkNews, PinkPaper, Gaydar, Attitude, Boyz, QX, GT and DIVA. It’s also supported by the Campaign for Equal Marriage and digital agency Remarkable.

Watch his video here:

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