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Gay rapper cartoon comedy coming to TV

Gay rapper cartoon comedy coming to TV

Move over Macklemore, no need you for Eminem, as a new rapper is making its way to television.

Chozen is a new animated comedy, the first original series for FX Network’s newest channel FXX.

It will focus on a gay white rapper, played by Saturday Night Live’s Bobby Moynihan, and his journey after leaving prison on a quest for redemption.

The new comedy has an impressive pedigree, with executive producers from FX’s spy comedy Archer and HBO’s Eastbound & Down.

‘This is the perfect first series order for FXX,’ Nick Grad said. ‘Chozen is an outrageous comedy, but it’s also a very smart examination of the rap culture.’

Voice actors include Eastbound & Down’s Danny McBride, Parks and Recreation’s Nick Swardson and Method Man.

The new series will premiere early next year.