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Gay Republican leader heralds ‘historic’ Trump Pride campaign

Gay Republican leader heralds ‘historic’ Trump Pride campaign

  • He claims Trump is the first candidate they ‘don’t have to apologize and explain’ to LGBT+ people.
Charles T Moran speaks at Trump Pride.

An LGBT+ Republican leader has celebrated ‘Trump Pride’ and renewed claims the president is an ally to our community.

Charles T Moran, the leader of the LGBT+ Log Cabin Republicans, says the Trump Pride campaign is an historic breakthrough for the party.

However, leading LGBT+ campaigners in the US fiercely disagree with his assessment of Donald Trump’s record. They say the president and his administration have attacked the community at least 175 times since coming to power.

Moreover, polling indicates the vast majority of LGBT+ US voters are likely to choose Trump’s Democrat rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

In a speech at a Trump Pride event, Moran claims the president has an ‘amazing track record on LGBT issues’.

And he said: ‘This is an historic moment. Seeing this sign here that says Trump Pride – this is the first Republican presidential campaign to ever have an official LGBT coalition.’

‘What President Trump is doing to reach out and engage people from across lines and boundaries – it’s being done in a way that’s never been done before.’

‘He’s earned your vote’

Moran went on to explain the significance of the campaign to the Log Cabin Republicans. The group started in 1977 and is both the biggest and oldest LGBT+ conservative organization in the country. One third of the membership is made of straight allies, Moran says.

Moran told the audience, including many wearing red Make America Great Again caps:

‘When we first started having the conversation about having the coalition, there was never even a hesitation that we would be doing this. It was a given. And we know that because the president has an amazing track record on LGBT issues.

‘And for the first time as the leader of Log Cabin Republicans, it’s so wonderful to be having a candidate running for president that we don’t have to apologize and explain for to the community. Somebody we can actually say, “he’s earned your vote”.

‘He’s performed for our community. And he’s somebody you can be proud to put your name next to. And for you to fill in the ballot box, saying this man and this administration has done things to improve the lives of LGBT people, not only here in America but across the globe.’

Notably Moran’s Twitter feed also celebrates this week’s appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.

He tweeted: ‘President Donald Trump has done it. Perhaps his greatest legacy will be securing three Constitutionalist Supreme Court Justices. He gave us three justices. Let’s give him four more years.’

However campaigners warn Barrett poses a danger to future Supreme Court decisions on LGBT+ issues. Indeed, they say she may even help reverse marriage equality.

A ‘great record’?

Moran is not the first person to claim Trump has served LGBT+ Americans well.

In particular White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says he’s an LGBT+ ally and claims he has a ‘great record’ on LGBT+ issues.

And the president’s son, Eric Trump claims many in the community will vote for his father.

He said: ‘I’m telling you, I see it every day. The LGBT community, they are incredible. And you should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day.’

However a poll has indicated 76% of LGBT+ voters will choose Biden with just 17% planning to back Trump in the 3 November elections. Moreover, three-quarters of voters have an unfavorable opinion of the president, with just 16% holding a favorable view of him.

Trump is ‘vicious’ to trans people

Meanwhile LGBT+ campaigners at GLAAD have compiled a list of more than 175 times Trump or his administration have attacked the community. These include fighting all the way to the Supreme Court to discriminate against LGBT+ workers and couples wanting to adopt.

Moreover Washington Post fact checkers say Trump’s claims to be a strong ally to LGBT+ Americans are ‘bonkers’ and ‘whoppers’. 

Biden has also joined the attacks on the president’s LGBT+ record. 

And while Eric Trump backs his father, the president’s lesbian niece, Mary Trump, disagrees. She says the president doesn’t care about LGBT+ people, is ‘vicious’ to trans Americans and ‘being cruel really plays well with his supporters’.

Research earlier this year showed Trump has become more anti-LGBT+ as he prepares for the election.

By contrast, Biden has promised to proritize LGBT+ rights if he wins the election on 3 November.