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Gay Republicans call GOP platform ‘ugly and harmful’

After the Log Cabin Republicans failed to make an impact at the national convention, they are slamming their right-wing party for continued bigotry

Gay Republicans call GOP platform ‘ugly and harmful’

The Log Cabin Republicans, the American right-wing gay organization, has called their party’s platform on equality ‘ugly and harmful’.

After vising the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, the LCR hoped they would be able to change party policy.

Four gay members were allowed to shape the GOP’s platform, attempting to make the party more inclusive and deleting anti-gay language.

However the Log Cabin’s dreams for equality were dashed when the Republican platform revealed their stance on marriage.

‘The platform affirms the rights of states and the federal government not to recognize same-sex marriage,’ reads the manifesto. ‘It backs a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

LCR group director of programs Casey Pick told National Public Radio were shocked at the GOP’s bigotry.

‘The platform is ugly and harmful,’ she said.

Pick said the social conservatives’ commitment to discrimination was only strengthened by her and her colleagues’ involvement.

‘We lost,’ Pick said. ‘And you could say the social conservatives in our party dropped the hammer harder because we were there.’

Pick remained hopeful the Republicans would one day agree with marriage equality and for not instating a ban on openly gay Americans on serving in the military openly.

The comments come after hate group American Family Association’s leader Bryan Fischer said gays have ‘no business’ being Republican.

Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the president and vice-presidential Republican nominee, have voted against same-sex marriage, adoption by gay couples, and a multitude of other gay equality issues.

The Human Rights Group has also criticized the politicians, saying: ‘LGBT Americans need leadership that will continue to fight for their rights to protect their families, marry the person they love, and enjoy equal protections under the law.’

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