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Gay rights activist place full page ad in Queensland newspaper

PFLAG Australia president addresses Premier Campbell Newman in personal letter

Gay rights activist place full page ad in Queensland newspaper

Queensland for Equality has wasted no time starting their campaign against the repeal of rights for gay people in the Australian state.

The newly formed gay rights group took out a full page advert in the state newspaper, the Courier Mail, with PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Australia.

The advert takes the form of a letter from the president of PFLAG Australia, Shelley Argent, to the Queensland premier, Campbell Newman.

Argent tells Newman that she has to tell her gay son that he can’t live in his home state anymore because ‘his relationships will feel inferior’.

Since being elected in March this year Newman’s Liberal National Party (LNP) government have reduced the civil union rights of same-sex couples to ‘registered relationships’.

The letter continues saying:

‘I must tell him his will have to move away from the support of myself, the grandmother of any child he hopes to have, because your government plans to repeal Surrogacy Legislation and Parental Recognition laws, making becoming a gay father a possible criminal act and removing legal security and protection from his child.’

The LNP government announced last month that they were going to look at amending surrogacy legislation so that only heterosexual couples are eligible for altruistic surrogacy.

The letter concludes by asking the Premier: ‘if you had to have this same conversation with your daughter I wonder if you would still be pursuing these discriminatory policies that personally and permanently destroy families like mine?’

Argent told media, marketing and entertainment website Mumbrella that the advert was expensive but the group decided it was worth it. ‘We only run these kinds of ads when there’s a real need,’ she said.

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