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Gay rights activist turns Donald Trump into a butt plug

Gay rights activist turns Donald Trump into a butt plug

Donald Trump has been transformed into a butt plug

A straight artist and ally to the LGBTI community has turned Donald Trump into a butt plug over his views on Mexicans.

Fernando Sosa has transformed the Republican presidential candidate, who is opposed to same-sex marriage, into a sex toy using 3D printing technology.

On his website Political Sculptor, they are available for around $30 (€27).

‘I was personally insulted, I came to the US from Mexico when I was 15. He calls Mexicans racists and drug dealers in order to gain followers in the Republican party,’ he told Gay Star News.

Sosa revealed he has contacted Trump’s office to see if they would like one free of charge, but they have yet to get back to him.

‘A lot of people are finding it really hilarious,’ he added to GSN. ‘The Donald Trump supporters really hate it though. I get a lot of hate mail and threats and stuff like that. But regular people, they find it funny. This time Trump will be in an asshole instead of being an asshole.’

He advises people not actually use the product as a butt plug, as it is made from full-color sandstone promising ‘ a coarse finish and a delicate feel’.

While Sosa has been married to a woman for seven years, he feels gay rights are very important.

‘The first one I ever did was Putin, he’s another one like Donald Trump who uses homophobia to gain power. I want to ridicule them both. Every time someone sees their faces, I want them to see the butt plug,’ he said.

‘I am a minority in the United States, and I think minorities should stick together and help each other out. I have a lot of friends who are gay and I don’t think they should be used for political power.’

Trump has yet to comment on the butt plug tribute.