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Gay rights foes link issue to slavery, abortion, paedophilia and socialism

Gay rights foes in the US are heating up their rhetoric ahead of the Presidential Election, making a series of extreme and offensive claims

Gay rights foes link issue to slavery, abortion, paedophilia and socialism

Three anti-gay rights campaigners have made a series of extreme comments about gay LGBT and same-sex marriage in a matter of weeks across the US, comparing the issue with slavery, abortion, paedophila and socialism.

On October 5 Erick Bennet of the Maine Equal Rights Center wrote an opinion article for the Bangor Daily News in which he warned that legalizing same-sex marriage was part of a socialist takeover of America which could lead to Communism.

‘Eleven other countries have passed gay marriage,’ Bennet wrote.

‘Passing gay marriage is not the only thing they have in common. They are also ranked the most socialist countries on earth. So what does socialism have to do with same-sex marriage?’

‘Socialism is a political and economic theory that believes that government should control everything. It is a stage between overthrowing capitalism and creating a communist government.

‘Gay marriage is a global agenda, and when they speak about “equality” they are talking about making America equal with the rest of the world, hence, the need to eliminate free speech, states’ rights and what it means to be an American citizen.’

The comments came only weeks after Iowan anti-gay activist Bob Vander Plaats compared the legalization of same-sex marriage in his state to court rulings on slavery and abortion as part of a campaign to have what he believes are activist judges thrown off the Iowa Supreme Court after they ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in that state.

‘It is the court that should be independent, free of politics, to uphold the constitution, not to trample on the constitution, not to insert politics in the constitution,’ Vander Plaats told a rally.

‘One opinion: Dred Scott, [said] blacks are property … Roe v. Wade, we’ve killed sixty million babies off a court’s opinion. One opinion, the Varnum opinion and you are now seeing same-sex marriage infiltrate this state.’

Then on September 24, Pentecostal bishop and televangelist James Robison compared having same-sex marriage to having a world where paedophiles were legally protected as part of a video campaign against marriage equality

Robison said a world with same-sex marriage, ‘would be like … the public has decided to allow paedophiles to play in the public parks and there was nothing we could do about it.’

The comments come as LGBT rights opponents ramp up their rhetoric ahead of the US Presidential Election.