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Gay rugby player slams Israel Folau: ‘Gay kids are killing themselves’

Gay rugby player slams Israel Folau: ‘Gay kids are killing themselves’

openly gay rugby league player condemns israel folau

The first openly gay rugby league player slammed Israel Folau for expressing anti-LGBTI views.

Former Australian National Rugby League player Ian Roberts says he ‘kind of… feels sorry’ for Folau, but his public denunciation of LGBTI people has been harmful.

Speaking to Australia’s Channel Nine, Roberts said: ‘I don’t say this lightly what I’m about to say – the language I use is hard and it’s for a point, it’s to get that message across.

‘There are literally [gay] kids in the suburbs killing themselves.

‘I say that with the greatest sense of respect, and I’m not implying that Israel’s responsible solely for that, please don’t take it that way.

Israel Folau young supporter threaten
Israel Folau | Photo: Israel Folau, Instagram

‘But it’s these types of comments and these off-the-cuff remarks, when you have young people and vulnerable people, kids in the suburbs, who are dealing with their sexuality.

‘[They’re] confused, not knowing how to deal with it, these types of remarks… can and do push people over the edge.’

Folau is currently facing a three-man panel to decide whether he can still play rugby. The hearing was originally only for 4 May, but has been extended until today (5 May).

Folau has been suspended from both Australia’s national rugby team and the state team, the New South Wales Waratahs. He shared an Instagram post in April stating ‘hell awaits’ homosexuals, atheists, fornicators, and other ‘sinners’.

He also posted on Twitter saying people should turn away from their ‘evil ways’ after Tasmania passed new gender laws.

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