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Gay school boy film viewed 135,000 plus times online

Gay school boy film viewed 135,000 plus times online

Australian short film The Language of Love is continuing to be a hit on the internet, with 135,000 people now having watched the film – up 110,000 since April.

The film, produced by the Australian Theater for Young People, was written by and stars 17-year old Kim Ho has since been subtitled in Spanish and Chinese, giving it an even bigger audience.

The film tells the story of schoolboy Charlie and his process of coming to admit to himself that he is in love with his best friend.

The filmmakers told GSN they had been blown over by the response to the film.

‘It’s hard for me to believe that The Language of Love has had such a widespread and positive reception,’ Ho said.

‘I am humbled by the deeply personal responses we have had and immensely proud that the film has been treated with emotional maturity and respect.

Director Laura Scrivano said it was great how people were connecting with the film.

‘I’m completed thrilled that The Language of Love has connected with audiences,’ Scrivano said.

‘Reading the online comments has been nothing short of overwhelming. I wanted to direct Kim’s monologue because it both captivated and deeply moved me, and I’m so pleased we’ve been able to bring this story, and Kim’s voice to a wider audience.’

Producer Dan Prichard said that what had been special for him was the response from older generations of gay men who hadn’t been able to be out in school.

‘We have been staggered by the success of the film, and incredibly moved by how people are responding to it, and how they have shared their own experiences of coming out and falling in love,’ Prichard said.

‘Particularly moving are those comments by older gay men for whom the times and circumstances in which they grew up prevented them from expressing themselves or being true to their sexuality. We hope that this film can reach out to everyone, but especially young gay people living in marginalized or isolated situations, who can find in Charlie and in the film, hope and the assurance that life can offer beauty, respect and love.’