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Gay singer claims false accusations by online trolls are ruining his career

Gay singer claims false accusations by online trolls are ruining his career

Logan Lynn homphobia false accusations

Gay indie singer Logan Lynn claims he’s been the target of online abuse which is ruining his reputation.

Lynn, 39, says that online trolls are making unfounded accusations against him across the internet. The allegations range from child molestation to accusing him of being a serial rapist.

Talking to People, Lynn claims it began after he partnered with his friend, actor Jay Mohr, on a multimedia project called My Movie Star. It was a short film accompanied by a double album from Lynn.

Mohr appears in a full frontal nudity scene in the video. He had never appeared naked on film before.

While fans and critics praised the scene, users on a Reddit subgroup dedicated to fans of shock DJs Opie and Anthony started to send him abuse.

Jay Mohr logan lynn homophobia accusation
His friend Jay Mohr | Photo: Jay Mohr, Facebook

Alongside the above accusations, they photoshopped his face onto pornographic images, attributed racist sayings to him, and even claimed he was a member of a pro-pedophilia organization.

‘Nothing triggers toxic masculinity culture more than a gay man who isn’t afraid’

Talking to the magazine, Lynn feared what would happen to his reputation.

He said: ‘I usually try to lampoon this type of bigotry and I’ve been doing that here as much as I can.

‘But it’s hard to find a punchline in what most of these people are saying and doing. It’s really sick and I’m shocked that Reddit would allow such a large group of people to organize homophobic bullying on their site.’

Lynn says this has affected his career. A band that was touring with Lynn this year (2019) dropped out because they didn’t want to be tied to the allegations.

However, he says he’s not afraid of the trolls. He adds: ‘It’s been my experience that nothing triggers this type of toxic masculinity culture more than a gay man who isn’t afraid and I can’t think of anything I am less afraid of than a bunch of fragile dudes who can’t deal with my existence.’

Lynn, from Texas, has been active on the music scene since 1998. He is a former host of NewNowNext Music, Logo’s weekly video countdown show, and is also a lead character in show Last Meal Series.

He’s also a Chief Impact Officer for Trilliu Group, and founded the ‘Keep Oregon Well’ campaign. It hopes to eradicate the stigma around mental health.

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