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Gay singer Sam Buttery on proving himself after The Voice

In an interview with HomoLAB, the reality show contestant describes how he had to go bald for his role in Boy George musical Taboo

Gay singer Sam Buttery on proving himself after The Voice

Gay singer Sam Buttery has spoken out on proving himself as a musical performer after starring on the UK version of The Voice.

The 20-year-old British singer is currently performing as 80s legend Leigh Bowery in the Boy George musical Taboo.

Speaking to Amy Lamé for HomoLAB, Buttery said: ‘It feels really exciting. It feels really scary, and it feels like I want to prove myself because I haven’t been to drama school.

‘I’ve been in a reality TV program, and people go “Oh no”.’

‘So I hope that I have [proved myself], and I hope people are nice to me!’, he added.

Preparing for the role of Bowery, Buttery met with Sue Tilley, who wrote the biography of the biography of the performance artist.

Known for having a large quiff on the BBC 1 show, Buttery had to go bald for the role.

Describing his bald head and yellow make up, he joked with Lamé that he looked like a ‘jaundice baby’.

The singer is also recording his new album which he describes as like ‘The Vengaboys, but more crazy!’.

Taboo will be performed at the Brixton Clubhouse until 23 December.

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