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Gay son ‘disgusted’ with lawmaker dad for pushing Indiana gay marriage ban

Gay son ‘disgusted’ with lawmaker dad for pushing Indiana gay marriage ban

Indiana has moved a gay marriage ban to the House of Representatives, with the son of one of the supporting law makers publicly decrying his father’s anti-gay position.

Chris Smith, the gay son of Indiana lawmaker Milo Smith, has taken to Facebook and news media to express his disgust and disappointment with his father for chairing the Election Committee that has moved the gay marriage ban forward.

‘I’m not here to badmouth my dad,’ Chris Smith wrote on the Facebook page of Indiana Equality, a state gay rights initiative. ‘I’m terribly disappointed in his decision and beliefs, but he’s not going to change them now if he hasn’t after all these years of knowing I am gay.’

Chris Smith, who lives in California with his civil partner, said he has no personal interest in getting married, but took to his own Facebook page to say he takes a stand against the ban.

‘My stand puts me in clear conflict with my own father.

‘As I look at the fight over marriage equality in my home state of Indiana, I’m reminded why I have such a disregard for politics and government. Politics is simply a fight for control in order to rule over others. If you want to tell others how they have to live their lives, then it should come as no surprise when others want to tell you how you have to live yours.’

Though Indiana already has a law banning same-sex marriage, some state lawmakers have pushed the House Joint Resolution (HJR) 3 bill forward to include the ban in the state constitution, making the road to marriage equality in the state more difficult.

The text of HJR reads: ‘Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.’

A possible ban on same-sex marriage has been reportedly debated since 2004, but since supporters could not garner enough votes to move the bill forward, politicians took the bill from the House Judiciary Committee to the House Elections and Apportionment Committee, which Milo Smith chairs.

The bill will now go before the House of Representatives, and if approved the measure will go before voters during fall elections.

In an interview with Fox59 News, Milo Smith said: ‘Of all people to get this it would be me with having a son that’s gay and I love my son.

‘After this [bill] comes out, if the governor signs it, I hope that we’ll do that through the summer, through the election, and no one will attack anyone based upon their personal opinion regardless what side of the issue they’re on.’

Chris Smith also told news site Nuvo: ‘I’m really sad. I’m embarrassed. I’m really disgusted by the whole thing. I’m confused as to what I should do …

‘To hear all those stories of love and family – I couldn’t understand how people can sit there saying your love and family don’t matter [because] it’s our opinion that matters.’