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Gay Star News launches report in UK Parliament on Brexit’s impact on LGBTI people

Gay Star News launches report in UK Parliament on Brexit’s impact on LGBTI people

Gay Star News editor-in-chief Tris Reid-Smith (second from left) with fellow pro-people's vote panelists

Gay Star News and LGBT+ for a People’s Vote launched the LGBT+ Brexit Impact Assessment in Parliament today (6 March).

The report showed the community stands to be negatively affected by Brexit, with a brighter future for all in the EU.

Chaired by Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, Gay Star News editor-in-chief Tris Reid-Smith also spoke at the launch.

‘We are going to fight’

Speaking at the launch, Reid-Smith said: ‘The UK has a duty internationally to push forward rights across Europe and beyond.

‘The EU and our European connections are a vital mechanism to do that.

‘Let us hope that we will have a People’s Vote. Let us hope common sense and reason prevail.’

He added: ‘We need to have a certain level of confidence in ourselves.

‘We have to believe that we are going to win. We are going to fight everyday to get a vote. You have to believe in your own future success.’

Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities Dawn Butler also spoke at the launch in the House of Commons.

She said: ‘I am pleased that we are at this stage. The fact we are talking about it [a people’s vote] gives us greater chance of protecting the rights we currently have.’

Kathryn Breitner, Director of LGBT+ for a People’s Vote said: ‘To keep this vision of a UK that is a really powerful force for change, that is something we should try to highlight. ‘

Other guests included from co-founder of Stonewall Lord Michael Cashman, human rights barrister Johnathon Cooper, and Kathryn Breitner, director of LGBT+ for a People’s Vote

So, what does the report say?

From free movement to asylum seekers, relationships and employment, many aspects of LGBTI people’s lives will be negatively affected.

The research is written by leading human rights barristers, legal scholars and civil activists.

Furthermore, the report revealed 71% of LGBT voters would choose Remain in a second Brexit referendum.

High human rights loss

The greatest concern, the report stated, is the loss of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The Charter is the only legally binding international human rights document that protects LGBTI people.

‘Brexit will reduce the UK’s global influence and have an impact on LGBTI rights further afield,’ the report read.

Moreover, the end of free movement will deprive LGBTI couples of certain securities.

Such as the reassurance of travelling to another country for work with their spouse.

The report added: ‘There is a risk that the plight of LGBT asylum applicants (and the structural indignities they confront) will only be reinforced in post-Brexit Britain.’

What can we do about this?

The People’s Vote campaign for a second referendum on Brexit has announced a march the weekend before the UK leaves the EU.

On 23 March, members of the LGBTI community will march together and demand Parliament Put it to the People in a People’s Vote.

The new demonstration, supported by GSN, is likely to be even bigger than last year’s march.

Last year’s attracted a record-breaking crowd of about 700,000.

Read the full report below