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Gay Star News has now officially launched with support from Stephen Fry

Gay Star News has now officially launched with support from Stephen Fry

16 January 2012

Global gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender news and entertainment site, is now live and already smashing all its audience targets.

Comedian, writer and broadcaster Stephen Fry has got behind GSN and tweeted a message of support to his 3million-plus followers. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to shine and show what we do best – delivering quality journalism worldwide.

During our December beta testing month we invited everyone to take a look at the site to gain feedback and we are truly grateful for all responses. We have listened to all that was said and developed GSN to make it even better, including a features section and extending our entertainment news due to its popularity. Our team is working on even more improvements which are coming soon.

The GSN team is headed up by experienced gay journalists and editors Tris Reid-Smith and Scott Nunn. Tris, the editor, said: ‘There is a massive need for international gay news and for really good quality journalism, which isn’t just about rewriting press releases, but includes proper investigation’.

Scott added: ‘GSN is setting out to be the best in a market where fresh ideas and quality are desperately needed by readers, advertisers, sponsors and partners. We can only become the best by listening to what people want and delivering it.’

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can join the adventure as we build a world-beating LGBT news and entertainment website. Thank you for your growing support and we look forward to bringing you good quality news 24/7.