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Gay Star News teams up with myGwork to help LGBTI people find their next job

Gay Star News teams up with myGwork to help LGBTI people find their next job

Scott Nunn and Tris Reid-Smith, co-founders of Gay Star News, Pierre and Adrien Gaubert of myGwork

LGBTI recruitment website myGwork has announced a new partnership with Gay Star News. The organizations are uniting with the aim of creating the world’s largest online hub for LGBTI professionals.

myGwork was founded by French brothers Adrien and Pierre Gaubert in 2014. The site, which they have previously described as a ‘LinkedIn for LGBT professionals’, helps organizations to promote their LGBT-friendly credentials.

myGwork has seen successful growth in membership over the past two years, but are teaming up with Gay Star News to take advantage of the site’s global reach in order to take their services to the next level.

Gay Star News last year launched its own, dedicated business section, including regular careers features and information on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Gay Star News also successfully created the annual Digital Pride festival – an online Pride that everyone can participate in, even if they live in countries where being LGBTI is still a crime.

As part of the partnership, Gay Star News has already added a ‘JOBS’ tab to its menu, redirecting users to myGwork’s job page. Gay Star News will also share stories from myGwork’s individual and corporate members to its worldwide readership.

GSN and myGwork said the new relationship will help their shared vision: To build the leading space for information, help and support for LGBTI people around the world.

Adrien Gaubert, co-founder of myGwork, said in a statement: ‘Everyone can post a job on myGwork – individual and companies. This job will be seen by millions of people, which is fantastic for anyone struggling in their workplace because it showcases how their next role can be in an inclusive company.’

Twin brother Pierre, fellow co-founder: ‘This exciting opportunity will allow myGwork to grow even bigger. The partnership will benefit both our individual and corporate members, enabling them to grow their network and to be seen as LGBT friendly by the largest possible audience.’

Tris Reid-Smith, co-founder of GSN, said: ‘This new partnership offers a powerful extra service to GSN’s audience. We believe it will encourage more companies and organizations to have a deeper and more meaningful engagement with the LGBTI community globally, benefiting everyone.’