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Gay star Zachary Quinto scolds Donald Trump via Twitter: 'Redirect the energy'

Star Trek's Mr. Spock takes mogul to task for election night rant

Gay star Zachary Quinto scolds Donald Trump via Twitter: 'Redirect the energy'

Donald Trump really didn’t want Barack Obama to be reelected president of the United States.

So much so that the real estate mogul and television personality staged several publicity stunts indicating that he had secret birth place information about Obama – none which ever came to pass.

When early election returns had Obama trailing in the popular vote against Republican opponent Mitt Romney on Tuesday (6 November) but leading in the electoral college, Trump went on a Twitter tear.

He called the election ‘a total sham and a travesty’ and wrote that ‘our nation is a once great nation divided’ and that ‘the world is laughing at us.’ In addition, Trump encouraged a ‘revolution in this country.’

He later deleted much of it but Zachary Quinto, the openly gay star of the current batch of Star Trek movies, had seen enough and decided to take to Twitter to give Trump a little lecture about finding more constructive ways to spend his time.

‘Do you actually take yourself seriously?’ he tweeted early Thursday. ‘If so: redirect the energy. seriously. you actually have A LOT more to offer. … Imagine if you took all the energy you channel into diminishing your fellow Americans and lifted them up instead.’

Quinto concluded with this thought: ‘You can’t possibly make any more money. So why don’t you make a difference instead?!’

Trump, who has been busy blasting back at such media personalities as NBC’s Brian Williams and Chris Matthews for their public ridicule of his actions, has yet to respond to Quinto’s advice.

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