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Gay student who refused to participate in school Nazi salute speaks out

Gay student who refused to participate in school Nazi salute speaks out

School goes viral after giving Nazi salute

A gay student who refused to participate in a viral school Nazi salute has spoken out.

A photo went viral this week showing Baraboo High School Class of 2019 giving the Nazi salute before their junior prom last spring.

The school district in Wisconsin is investigating.

In the photo, you can see one kid in the far-right corner not participating.

Jordan Blue is gay, and said the gesture did not represent his morals.

He said the photographer did not say ‘raise your hand in a Nazi symbol way’, but he said his classmates may have intended it that way.

‘I’m pretty sure my classmates just interpreted as “raise your hand let’s do this as a joke”,’ he said.

‘It did not represent my morals and I could not do something that I didn’t believe in….

‘I think some [students] are [regretful]…some of these people have bright futures ahead of them, so why’d they do it?’

The photo was first posted in an online album of BHS prom photos at, the website of photographer Peter Gust.

It was later posted by the Twitter account, @GoBaraboo, which said: ‘We even got the black kid to throw it up #BarabooProud’.

Gust’s website says he has a son who is a junior at Baraboo High School. It is not clear whether Gust’s son is in the photo.

Gust’s website also indicates that he is a retired teacher.

He has now removed the entire prom photo album.

He has replaced it with a statement reading: ‘Due to malevolent behavior on the part of some in society; this page has been modified.

‘It is too bad that there are those in society who can and do take the time to be jerks; knowingly and willingly to be jerks!

‘To anyone that was hurt I sincerely apologize.’

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