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Gay teacher at Australian Christian school: ‘I am terrified’ of being fired

Gay teacher at Australian Christian school: ‘I am terrified’ of being fired

Gay teacher 'terrified' to come out in case his Christian school fires him

An Australian senator read out a heartbreaking letter from a closeted gay teacher working in a Christian school.

Janet Rice is an openly gay senator from the Green Party in the Australian state of Victoria.

She told the Senate today (13 November) she received a letter from a gay teacher, who could not be open about his sexuality because he could lose his job.

Janet Rice addresses the Senate and calls out Australia's Prime Minister on his anti-LGBTI comments (Photo: Facebook)
Janet Rice addresses the Senate and calls out Australia’s Prime Minister on his anti-LGBTI comments. | Photo: Facebook

Rice starts reading out the letter: ‘For weeks, I and many like me, have been nervously watching the headlines – wondering what, or if any changes will be made to the Sex Discrimination Act.

‘Why do I care? Because I’m a teacher at a Christian school and I’m gay.

‘I go to work each day – eager to impart knowledge on my pupils, but each day I am terrified.

‘Currently, if my employers found out I’m in a same-sex relationship, they could legally fire me.

‘I know you’re wondering why I don’t just leave and teach at a school where I am welcome. At the end of the day, I am still a Christian and I want to be here.

‘My Christianity is a choice, my sexuality is not.

‘Just imagine for a minute that the people you are with nine hours a day, five days a week, do not know that the person you love even exists,’ she said.

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Janet Rice is a longtime supporter of LGBTI rights. Her partner Penny Whetton is transgender.

She recently tabled a motion in parliament to tackle the rise of LGBTI conversion therapy.

Rice also called on Morrison to ‘stop his repeated and unacceptable attacks on LGBTIQ+ people, especially his awful comments about young trans kids’.

‘We do not need “gender whisperers” in schools’, Morrison wrote last week. He shared an article which claimed training teachers to be aware of transgender students lead to a surge in young people transitioning. ‘Let kids be kids,’ he wrote on Twitter.

‘Young LGBTIQ+ kids already suffer enough without the hateful comments coming from the Prime Minister’, Rice said.

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